FPV Academy – How To Series – Mountain Proximity Flying


In its latest drone racing lesson FPV Academy has delivered a superb video on mountain proximity flying from Hermanus on the Western Cape of South Africa. This is the kind of stuff which makes for fun flying and excellent footage.

As stated in the video however, this is only for more advanced pilots so if you’re a beginner it’s better to get yourself some experience away from mountain peaks and cliff faces.

“When doing this, there’s a good chance of possibly losing your quad forever.”

The blurb accompaying the video states: “The video started out as a How-to Dive Cliffs video, but when I started recording then I realised I couldn’t get close enough to the cliff with my bad video, so instead this became a Mountain Proximity flying video. I’ll be going back with a groundstation to film the How-to dive cliffs video.

“We also have a Slack group for all our Patrons where we talk about these videos more in depth and also which How-to video to cover next. Becoming a Patron also allows you to send us 1 video a month to review and do a writeup on pointing out what you can do with your flying to improve as a pilot. If you want to learn more about this, then head on over to our Patreon Page via the link above.”


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