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MegaBots – The (YouTube) Show

MegaBots Whole Team with Mark II MegaBot

MegaBots has started releasing an entire season of videos documenting their road to the Giant Robot duel with Japan next year (maybe).

MegaBots is the group that Kickstarted a giant robot, challenged a Japanese robotics company to a mech duel, and got investments to create an entire giant robot fighting league.

After significant delays in the actual duel, MegaBots is appeasing its fans and Kickstarter backers with this new YouTube series.

“We’ve spent the past year destroying, fixing, designing, building, and testing giant combat robots in preparation for the Giant Robot Duel… on camera.”

The trailer catches audiences up to what’s happening and teases problems with the robot, the weapons in action, and general destruction.


The first episode of the season is titled “How to Destroy a Giant Robot.”

Because this giant robot is technically a mech (a human operates the robot from inside), MegaBots wants to make sure no humans will be harmed when the 6-ton, 15-foot tall combat robot is in action. In this first episode they use a crash test dummy to see how much damage the bot can sustain without killing the human.

“We attempt to break it with cannon fire, a wrecking ball, and the worst case scenario for the pilots: falling over.”


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