IDRA and the Tesla Foundation launch the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) STEM Alliance


(Press Release)


Justin Haggerty, IDRA

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA), the Tesla Foundation, and their partners will launch the UAS STEM Alliance (U-S-A) during a Congressional Briefing in the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology in Rayburn House.

Justin Haggerty, U-S-A CEO and President and IDRA Founder, said: “I’m proud to join with our major partner, the Tesla Foundation, and top thought leaders in the area of STEM to launch an alliance that will promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs and research through the excitement surrounding UAS technology.”

Keith Kaplan, Co-Founder of Tesla Foundation commented: “We believe our efforts, drone technology itself, and the worldwide phenomenon of drone racing inspire students, professionals and entrepreneurs alike and they further US technological achievement and advancement through STEM.

He continued: “The Tesla Foundation’s believes that STEM programs and research is critical to America’s future economic growth and our international competitiveness. It is our mission it to make America’s transition to the ‘Autonomous Age’ responsive and adaptive to any market demand, one which requires great STEM achievement and super flexibility. We know we can’t do it without the passion and leadership of young leaders trained in STEM and the research that follows it.”

“U-S-A believes we will build knowledge and, importantly, enthusiasm for STEM through the excitement surrounding drone technology and drone racing competition,” stated Rob Thompson, Co-Founder of the UAS-STEM Alliance.

Thompson added: “UAS, or drone, technology encompasses enormous advancements in aeronautics,physics, mathematics, robotics, computer science, virtual reality and more. Drone racing is a technological sport of the future. It is thriving already globally, but more importantly it presents an opportunity for the U.S. not only to showcase the strength of our country’s emerging STEM talent, but also to inspire the best of our best to move us beyond what can imagine today.”

Haggerty rounded off by saying: “Our country is going to benefit tremendously from an invigorated commitment to STEM, and we are going to enjoy the ride as we see the live application of our work in action. It is barely the beginning of this race. We’re just getting warmed up, but we’re excited for where America can go when we put our minds to it.”


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