Want to know how to race 16 drones at once?


“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Albert Einstein

At MultiGP’s recent Championships in Indiana something that had never been done before in a formal drone racing environment was accomplished.

Not one, not two, not… we’ll stop there. 18 mini quads were in the air in a single race, with 16 running standard 5.8ghz video links. This broke the world record.

Alex Greve, otherwise known as IBCrazy in the world of quads, and Jason ‘VanGo’ Glaze have made a video via the Video Aerial Systems channel to show you how to replicate this in your own home track.

They break it down in extensive detail in a video clicking in at just shy of six minutes

You can watch for yourself here:


Now there’s no excuse to get racing, and moreover get organizing your own races. Albert definitely would have been a drone racing fan had he been around today. So in his honor, listen to Albert. Keep learning.


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