PDR – Drone Racing in Bragança


The fastest pilot was Henrique Antunes (second from left)

Following a recent event in Bragança, Third Law Sports caught up with the team behind PDR (Portugal Drone Race) to see how it went and how the Portuguese quad scene is developing.

TLS spoke to José Nunes, Marketing and PR of PDR.

TLS: How was the event, who raced and who won?

José: The event was a big logistic challenge for our team but in the end we felt very good because our pilots and crowd were happy with the sport and show we put in place.

We had 14 drone racers, mostly from Spain but with some pilots from Portugal too of course.

TLS: You’ve put on a few events now, have you been experimenting much with course design and the tech used?

R: Yes indeed! We’ve now put quite a respectable amount of events in just one year.

2016 was the kickoff of PDR and much has been accomplished; from better tracks and of course gaining a better understanding of the technology behind this sport.

TLS: What else does PDR have coming up?

R: So what can you expect from us? We are currently preparing a brand new set of race events for 2017. We are looking to be able to create more exotic tracks, and make the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal; not just the continent but also its fantastic isles Madeira and Azores. pdr-barganca

We want to be amongst the leaders of delivering outstanding drone racing events, so next year we want to establish a new yard stick in this sport. We aim to have international pilots in our races on a more consistent basis. With Spain as our next door neighbours we really want to have more Spanish drone pilots on our tracks.

In terms of the brand (Portugal Drone Race) we’ve launched a new logo which is just PDR, this is an appetizer for what we are preparing for 2017.

Everything will be tuned up in 2017 and we are looking for new sponsorship opportunities and partnerships to create a bigger and better drone racing ecosystem in Portugal.


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