MultiGP Drone Racing Championship – Record breaking fun


“I woke up this morning questioning if it had really happened.”

This is what MultiGP founder Chris Thomas told Third Law Sports on Monday following the weekend’s MultiGP Drone Racing Championship.

The event took place in Muncie, Indiana at the AMA headquarters at the weekend and rumor has it that it was a rather fantastic event.

Pilots across the board were in awe, records were broken and fun was had by all. The maximum amount of quads in the air at one time at an event now stands at an impressive 18 (16 analog and two digital) largely thanks to the work and belief of drone racing expert Alex Greve.

The track itself was MultiGP’s most ambitious yet and was without a doubt a challenge for pilots but one they took to with both grit and resilience. Shaun ‘Nytfury’ Taylor won for the second year running. MultiGPNats-ShaunTaylor

He had to beat off some formidable challengers this year too. One that caught the eye of many was a 13 year old from Colorado named Sid. He pocketed $3,000 for finishing third and wowed all involved by recording the fastest lap of the weekend.

The four finalists were, in order of placing, Nytfury, Sidfpv, Jet and Racedayquads.

Chris Thomas commented: “For the last 10 months MultiGP has put in countless hours of work to achieve the series we just completed.

“I cannot be more satisfied with the result of our racing series. We hit every goal and the champion earned his win. Now we move on to the next phase of development. It was epic.”

Check out the excellent video from Flying Home Productions below:

Chris Thomas thanked a number of individuals on Facebook after the event including Alex Greve, Diviner Gregg, Shannon Broussard, Thom Downing, Nelson Aquino, Bob Brown, Brian Morris and plenty more. The thanks and congratulations also poured in from figures across the sport.

The underlying message was that it’s onwards and upwards for MultiGP.

Now this one’s done and dusted Chris Thomas, Jefte Puente, Michael Gianoutsos, James Vaello, Joe Scully and the team are looking to the future to keep the sport on its upward curve.

Long may it continue.

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