Top UK Pilots Race Around a Ford Obstacle Course

Dronekhana One

Dubbed “Dronekhana One”, this commercial for Ford pits BanniUK (Luke Bannister) and Tornado XBlades teammate Brett Collis against each other in a warehouse in Cologne, Germany

Dronekhana plays off gymkhana, a style of motorcross that heavily features reversals, burnouts, and other advanced skills. The racing seen in the spot is light on the skill requirements, but we’ll go easy on them. It’s just a commercial after all.

The spot is heavy on great visuals. A rig of 36 GoPros (I wonder if they specifically used GoPros for a reason…) captured all of the action up close. Beeping forklifts and Ford cars were the course obstacles, with a little robot arm waving the final checkered flag.

Dronekhana One adds to the number of TV commercials (almost all of which have been British in origin) that feature drones racing around for no particular reason.

The most prominent, before Ford, is this Argos “Summer of Sport” commercial.

Behind the scenes photos of the Ford shoot add to the epicness of the commercial:

If this is Dronekhana One, does that mean we can look forward to a Dronekhana Two?


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