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BattleBots Will Have 2 Hour Season Finale

The BattleBots Season 2 Giant Nuts

BattleBots has announced their season finale will be a 2 hour special episode on September 1st starting at 8/7c on ABC

BattleBots made their announcement on Facebook to the shock and slight disappointment of many fans.

Who will win the 2016 Giant Nut? Good news, you’ll be able to find out a week early.

The big concern is this could mean BattleBots won’t be renewed for a third season if ABC is rushing them off the air to clear its line up.

BattleBots has been having low ratings this season due to delayed airings from the political conventions, being bumped once entirely for the president, and now not even airing to avoid competing with the Olympics (a merciful choice).

If there’s no third season at least BattleBots is going out with a bang. The first Thursday of September will be a spectacle for the ages.

[The Finale] will be all the action of the quarterfinals, the semi’s and the big one—the championship fight—all in one amazing night of action (and even a rumble for good measure).

And BattleBots season 2 will always be remembered for bringing us Blacksmith vs Minotaur.


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