Project Drone: No Limits, An Interview with Sandro Meden

Project Drone No Limits

Indie German game developer Maydayz has announced its single and multiplayer drone racing game ‘Project Drone: No Limits’.

The developer, which was founded in 2011, has promised atmospheric landscapes in combination with high-speed drones and Virtual Reality support which’ll make the game more than an ordinary racing game. The game will be available across platforms on Mac, Windows, Linus as well as on PS4 and Xbox One.

The fact that it’s a drone sports game means that players won’t just be limited to racing, but they’ll be able to replicate the twists, turns and tricks that FPV savvy pilots do with real drones in freestyle events. Players will also be able to enjoy a freestyle mode where they can, for example, explore different locations to find hidden secrets, train their skills and fly freely through different landscapes and backdrops. Based on realistic drone physics it includes a drone simulator.

Project Drone Creator Sandro Meden said of its release: “What makes the game special is not only its support of Virtual Reality headsets, like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, but also its multiplatform support. At the moment, it is the first drone racing game that will not only be released for Windows desktop PC’s, Mac and Linux, but also for PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

“It is a game for everyone. It is addressed, among others, to pilots with real-life experience, fans of Virtual Reality or drones, and gamers who simply want fun or enjoy racing games!”

The game, which’ll be available in both English and German, features at least four different locations and seven game modes.

Third Law Sports got the downlow from Maydayz about the forthcoming game.

TLS: Why was the decision made to put Project Drone on Kickstarter?

Sandro: Kickstarter is an incredible opportunity to get people involved in the development of Project Drone right from the beginning in that they can give us valuable feedback on the game itself.

It offers us the opportunity to make the game as both we and the players want, with all options included. We want to make a game that will be loved by the players!

We’ve been funding development costs so far with personal savings and we’ve worked for free, but now we need the support of backers to continue to work full-time on the game. Only with their support can we finish and release Project Drone. We thoroughly appreciate all and every support.

TLS: Has the Maydayz team had much personal experience with drone racing?

Sandro: We really love drone racing and everything connected to it, like FPV freestyle. We’re addicted to FPV videos, pictures and events. Basically we like everything that flies and can be remotely controlled!

Regarding our game, we’ve analysed hundreds of awesome and inspiring FPV videos and we’ve studied the drone physics to ensure that the game is as realistic as possible.

TLS: Have you been in contact with FPV pilots to ensure an authentic experience, and will there be an ‘ambassador’ coming on board?

Sandro: At the moment we’re looking for FPV pilots who would love to test our game. We’re very excited about it and looking forward to show FPV pilots our game. Anybody pilots interested can get in touch at business@maydayz.com.

TLS: Seven game modes…can you talk us through them?

Sandro: At first there’ll be a tutorial where the player is able to learn how to fly and there’ll be an interactive tutorial for newcomers. Secondly there’s a career mode. This contains the classic race mode and players are able to work their way to the top of the Project Drone racing league. Furthermore they can unlock new drones and equipment.

In the multiplayer mode players are able to fly with their friends online or over local split-screen. They can battle by themselves or in teams and also have the possibility to add computer controlled players.

In the arcade mode players can fly a single race on any course they’ve unlocked. Another mode is Time Trial where players can record their fastest time and fly against their ghost, their best ghosts, the ghost drones of the leaderboards’ best pilots or the recorded ghost data of their friends.

The Stunts and Tricks mode is both for newcomers and experienced pilots. Players can do any trick and stunt they want!

Last but not least, there’ll be the Freestyle mode. This mode enables players to explore the locations to find hidden secrets, train their skills, fly freely through wide lands or simply fly and chill. This mode is also great for beginners.

TLS: It’s mentioned that players will have the opportunity to build and customise their own drones. How much flexibility will there be in this regard?

Sandro: They’ll have a lot of flexibility. On the one hand they’ll have the option to fly with a lot of different highly detailed drones and on the other they can build their own drone out of single components.

They’ll be able to choose, for instance, between different frames, colours, motors, props, antennas and accus, but players should keep in mind that weight and motor power have an influence on their drones’ performance.

‘Project Drone: No Limits’ is live on Kickstarter as of August 16th, 2016 in a bid to finish its development. It will be exclusively available to contributors for pre-order for a limited period.


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