This Week in Drone Racing August 5 – August 12, 2016

This Week in Drone Racing August 6 to August 12

This Week in Drone Racing
August 5 – August 12, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. The Drone Nationals weekend
  2. DR1 Invitational TV show premiere
  3. The GiGA Drone Racing World Masters 2016
  4. Fun this week: What it’s like on stage at DN
  5. Friday Flight of the Week: Going big


1) The Drone Nationals Weekend

Drone Nationals dominated headlines this week, with news stories from Quartz (x2), ABC, Inverse, and lots more, including us of course.

Reactions overall are a marked improvement over last year’s Drone Nationals. And there are still a lot of improvements to make for next year. Hopefully they arrived in time for Drone Worlds.

2) DR1 Invitational TV Show Premiere on Science Channel

DR1 added to the drone packed weekend with the TV premiere of their first event in LA, the DR1 Invitational. Ratings aren’t out yet, but I bet good money it beat out Outrageous Acts of Science in viewership.

If you missed it last week it’ll be on the Discovery Channel on Saturday the 13th, at 8AM.

If you just want to watch it online…well too bad. DR1 producers are working to get the rights to post it online, but it’ll take some time. The TV channels want to get their money’s worth before letting it go.

3) GiGA Drone Racing World Masters 2016

Rounding out the drone events to make it an international affair, South Korea held the GiGA World Masters event. The event has been sanctioned been IDRA and all pilots flew with Connex ProSight, making it an entirely HD race. Which, given the grungy-but-cool course, is fantastic for spectators

Not surprisingly, the event was won by MinChan Kim and Team Korea. Some controversy surrounds the event as rumors swirled that Koreans had weeks to practice on the course before any foreigners arrived.

There’s also speculation that MinChan hit a spectator in the head during his showboat flight below.

4) Fun This Week: What It’s Like on Stage at Drone Nationals

5) Friday Flight of the Week: Final Drone Nationals Race



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