DR1 Invitational Airs Tonight, and Ghostface Killah Might Be Watching

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The DR1 Invitational is a one hour TV special that will air Saturday, August 6, on the Science Channel at 7PM

In a large warehouse space out in the middle of Brooklyn tiny drones flew around shirtless skateboarders as they pulled tricks on an indoor half pipe. The dim rooms with neon lighting tapped into an urban, underground vibe that the sponsor, Mountain Dew, was hoping drones could become a part of.

This was a party to celebrate the DR1 Invitational and to introduce drone racing to a crowd that’s definitely never flown before. The majority of the people were young, urban, well-dressed, and were here because they have a long reach on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or all of the above. Mountain Dew reps carried print-outs with profiles on each influencer so they could make sure that person had a good time at this party. And to make sure they tagged everything on social media with #DAYOFDRONES

The drone side was light. The Tiny Whoop crew, JET (Jordan Temkin), JesseP (Jesse Perkins), and Nodeva (Christian Avedon), were there as the celebrity athletes. Chris Thomas with MultiGP was part of the panel discussion on drone racing (yes, it wasn’t all a big party), and Joe Scully was there to MC a race later in the night.


The big draw was a celebrity guest appearance. No one knew who it was before hand, but the crowd of influencers don’t usually care who it is when there’s also free food and drinks to be had. When Ghostface Killah walked in with his security personnel the crowd swarmed to him. A circle of people formed around him in front of the DJ booth while the warehouse lit up with a few dozen cellphone screens.

The Tiny Whoop pilots flew around Ghostface and the crowd while he was rapping, blending the music with the drones. At one point, Ghostface pointed at the flying disks of light and yelled out “Drones! Drones!” in time to the beat. On the opposite end of the warehouse the FPV feeds of each drone were being projected onto the walls.

Over the course of the night, as they loosened up, people started loving the way the tiny drones zipped above their heads or around their legs. At the end of the party JET, JesseP, and Nodeva helped their new fans, including DJ Allyson Toy, try out FPV flight for the first time. The spectrum of people who are into drone racing got a little bit wider.

Ghostface Killah left after his contracted alloted time, but he just might tune in tonight to see what the drone racing fuss is all about.


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