World’s First Drone Race in Times Square

Times Square

Pilots and organizers held the world’s first (tiny) drone race in Times Square, New York City

A MultiGP sanctioned event, pilots and organizers who were in New York City for Drone Nationals this weekend held the world’s first drone race in Times Square.

Starting right at midnight, pilots flew Tiny Whoops on a very complicated course with gates consisting of tiny flags and human heads. JesseP took the lead early on and kept the lead the whole race until batteries started dying. He became the first ever Times Square Midnight Race Tiny Whoop Champion.

Pilots and spectators were happy with the turnaround time and the fast paced action.

“That was a really well run race.”

Being under 250g, these drones are, rightfully, unregulated by any FAA rules. The only New York City laws or regulations that cover most drone situations are the no fly zones, reckless endangerment, and the ban on drones in city parks. Most police officers have been told to use their own discretion when dealing with drone pilots. This race falls outside of these situations.

With that said, if tiny drone races in Times Square become a nuisance the police won’t hesitate to take action.


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