The 2016 MultiGP Championship $10,000 Cash Prize Pool

2016 MultiGP Championship Prizes

MultiGP has a total cash prize pool of $10,000 for their 2016 Drone Racing Championship

Earlier this week, MultiGP announced the value of the cash prizes for the 2016 Drone Racing Championship. The Championship will take place September 3 and 4 at the AMA headquarters in Muncie, IN.

The total value of the prize pool is $10,000, with first through fifth place taking home a prize. The first place winner will net $5,000. Additional sponsor prizes in drones, accessories, and other rewards will be given out. This adds another estimated $15,000 in value to the pool, for a total of $25,000.

“The MultiGP Drone Racing League is running the largest qualifying championship in the history of our sport. Working hand in hand with theAcademy of Model Aeronautics and our global network of talented Chapters, our championship is engineered to crown the top pilots on pure skill.”

There are still plenty of ways to qualify this month before the Championship. To keep track of one of the ways to qualify, MultiGP is keeping “The List” updated on their website. Even if a pilot doesn’t place at the top at one of the Regional Finals, they could still qualify for the Championship if they’re near the top of “The List”.

Another additional 60 pilots will be able to qualify at the Championship itself by competing on-site.



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