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What Happened to That Giant Robot Duel?

Early Mk.II Form from MegaBots
Photo credit to S.N. Jacobson

MegaBots has promised the giant robot fight against Kuratas is still coming, but it’s delayed.

Last year MegaBots ran a Kickstarter to help fund a giant robot duel against a Japanese bot, Kuratas. They successfully raised over $500,000 from Kickstarter alone. MegaBots later received corporate sponsorship and investor funds to help turn their single fight into an actual international sports league.

The original fight of MegaBot’s MK.II vs. Kuratas was scheduled for June. It’s now the beginning of August, so where’s the giant metal twisting entertainment people paid for?

In an update posted to Kickstarter, MegaBots explains the delays are because of logistical and legal obstacles. Partly, it’s because shipping a 6-ton mech with sensitive electronics and gears is either expensive, time-consuming, or both. There’s also the problem of getting a fully weaponized robot through another country’s customs. I’m not sure there’s a checkbox on the customs forms for that.

The good news is that things are still happening at MegaBots. They were at Maker Faire Detroit last month, shooting cantaloupe at cars and t-shirts into the crowd.

They’re also doing weird things to a crash test dummy.

And making OSHA officials tear their hair out by cozing up to a giant chainsword.

There will be an official unveiling of the robot in its final form later this year.

We’ve also been working on setting up MegaDay, formerly known as “Demo Day.” MegaDay will be the first public unveiling of our robot. We can’t announce a firm date and location yet because we’re still working through the contract for the venue. We can say that we’re looking to have MegaDay at an arena near San Francisco mid-November, but the date is still up in the air until the contract is in place.

The future is on hold. But the giant mech duel is still coming.


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