This Week in Drone Racing: July 23 – July 29

This week in drone racing July 23 to July 29

This Week in Drone Racing
July 23 – July 29, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. GoPro will headline Drone Nationals
  2. Major UK esports event, Insomnia 58, will hold drone races
  3. Last Drone Nationals, the Liberty Cup, starts tomorrow
  4. Support for drone racing in Charlotte, NC
  5. Fun this week: Diving is good in FPV
  6. Friday Flight of the Week: Going big


1) GoPro Headline Sponsor for Drone Nationals

Like Mountain Dew did for DR1, GoPro is adding its mainstream weight to an event that was already fairly weighty. Maybe this sponsorship will help combat the rise of cheap GoPro knockoffs from overseas. Maybe.

Additional coverage of the news from Quartz and Fortune.

Btw, how many times did I type GoPro for that article? None. I copy/pasted it every time.

2) Insomnia 58 at NEC Will Hold “Drone Racing iSeries”

The Drone “Insomnia Championship” will have a prize pool of at least £5,000 at first, but potentially will reach £10,000 depending on how successful it gets, making it the richest indoor drone event ever to be held in the UK.

Craig Fletcher, founder of Multiplay said: “The Drone Racing iSeries at this year’s Insomnia will add an extra dimension to the festival.

“The UK is home to some of the best drone racing teams in the world and they will be battling it out at i58, presenting a real spectacle for the Insomnia community.

“It demonstrates that the festival is branching out to different areas of eSports, with this representing a new category we’re dubbing RCSports.

3) Last Drone Nationals Qualifiers Starts Tomorrow in NJ

The Liberty Cup is a big race in its own right, with over 100 pilots racing. But it’s also the last chance for East Coast pilots (or other pilots who like to travel) to qualify for the Drone Nationals.

Pilots who have already qualified to Drone Nationals won’t be double qualified, even if they finish the Liberty Cup race at the top. Qualifications will be handed down the line of finishers to the pilots who haven’t yet qualified, adding an extra dimension to this race. Some pilots at the event are only aiming for a 10th place finish.

Good look to all the pilots.

4) Support for Drone Racing in Charlotte, NC

Reporting on the Flymore Drone Race at Savona Mill, the Charlotte Observer had nice things to say about the invitational:

A 100-year-old former denim factory in Charlotte, with dusty floors and rustic metal infrastructure, was transformed into a modern drone racing arena Saturday, complete with LED lights shining through the dimly lit facility.

Finals of the event:

5) Fun This Week: Diving is Good in FPV

Falling with style.


6) Friday Flight of the Week: Going Big


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