This Week in Drone Racing: July 9 – July 15

This week in drone racing July 9 to July 15

This Week in Drone Racing
July 9 – July 15, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. IDRA & RotorSports partnership dissolves
  2. The first MultiGP Regional Finals took place in Texas and Florida
  3. ‘Droned’ TV show premieres July 22nd on the Science Channel
  4. Stone Blue Multirotor Rundown starts today!
  5. Fun this week: Pokemon GO on drones
  6. Friday Flight of the Week: Italy Drone Nationals


1) IDRA & RotorSports Partnership Dissolves

Last week we mentioned IDRA was having difficulties. This week the details have begun emerging of the breakup between IDRA & RotorSports (now the Drone Sports Association, or DSA).

Founder and CEO of IDRA, Justin Haggerty, had this to say about the dissolution:

“The International Drone Racing Association, Inc. (IDRA) board, including myself, decided that the merger with Flying Grounds, Inc. (RotorSports) was not in the best interest of the company.”

More here.

On the flip side, Co-Founder of the DSA and former head of RotorSprots, Scot Refsland was mum about the partnership, but he did say this about the name change:

“We’ve been doing a lot of long term strategy and planning about our brand because ‘rotor’ doesn’t reflect all the emerging forms of ‘drone’ racing”

More here.

Rumors about the cause of the breakup paint a picture with more colorful words and some personal conflicts. This is happening barely in time to give ESPN a clean, brightly packaged (and rebranded) Drone Nationals event in August.

2) MultiGP Regional Finals Have Begun

Last weekend saw the MultiGP Regional Finals (or ‘State Championships’ for both Texas and Florida. These finals are the beginning of the road to the MultiGP Drone Racing Championship, with many more Regional Finals to follow.

We spoke with KruelFPV (Nelson Aquino) about how the Florida Championship went and what it’s like to organize an event of that size.

Below is flight recording from the Texas Championship.

3) ‘Droned’ TV Show Premieres July 22 on the Science Channel

The fourth episode, showing on July 29th, will be specifically about FPV racing. The rest of the episodes aren’t about racing, so they’re worthless (unless you like beautiful drone videography and travel adventures, but who likes that?). Episode description:

“Dani is gearing up for her first FPV racing competition with the Drone Sports Association, which requires her to build and test a specialized FPV racing drone.”

4) The Stone Blue Multirotor Rundown Starts Today

If you’re in Virginia you can go watch the event in Lynchburg, VA for a $5 fee. If you’re online you can tune in to your favorite pilot’s Periscope.

Pilots have been promised that the five qualification certificates for the Drone Nationals from this event are still valid.

Local news story about the event.

5) Fun This Week: Pokemon Don’t GO

Because you haven’t heard about Pokemon GO enough this week, here’s a story about one person using his phone strapped to a drone to catch Pokemon without leaving his chair – thus defeating the point of Pokemon GO.

“The drone can go around 457.20m away from me and that is the estimated range of using Pokemon GO on a phone duct-taped to a drone.”

Meanwhile, Reddit users are complaining about people playing Pokemon GO wandering onto their racing course.

“ive had to be really careful now because kids will walk straight across the field, head down not paying attention.” – alphabadger

User raspberrywood brings up a good point though

And the pokemon go people are like WTF are these guys doing standing on the edge of a park with a box on their head…

6) Friday Flight of the Week – Italy Drone Nationals

Pilot Mr. J shares video of the performance that got him qualified for both Drone Worlds in Hawaii and the ERSA Euro Cup.


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