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6 More Epic Rematches We Want to See in BattleBots 2016


Part 2 of our list of rematches we want to see in the second season of BattleBots on ABC.

A few weeks ago we looked at a series of matches that we might just see in BattleBots 2016, which starts this Thursday on ABC with a two-hour season premiere. This look at the show’s potential future was highlighted by a potential fight of the American and British robots with the best drivers, Stinger: The Killer Bee and Photon Storm respectively. Along with the two best driven robots, we saw the two most potentially destructive robots in the tournament that have 1 loss and 1 win on another at Robogames in Tombstone and Minotaur.

This week we take a look at the rivalry of the East Coast’s two most dominant teams, and a match Robot Wars fans still argue about to this day. Here are 6 more rematches we might just see this BattleBots Season.

BETA v. Nightmare (Killerhurtz v. Nightmare, Long Beach 1999)

killerhurtz 1999 6.22.16

Killerhurtz after his fight vs Nightmare

To start off, we have a fight from the first official BattleBots Tournament, with the 1999 event in Long Beach California. Here we see a match of two designs that are still keeping to their roots even in 2016. On one side we see the time tested design of Team Hurtz, creator of BETA, and their love for the hammer and axe. Killerhurtz has been using an axe since his debut in Robot Wars Series 2, in 1998.

This also shows how old in general the deadly and iconic Nightmare is, seeing as how nearly the exact same robot has been fighting since this event 17 years ago, which was Nightmares first tournament.

Like our last Long Beach 1999 match (Rhino vs. Killerhurtz) there is little to no info on this battle. All that is known is that the match went the 3 minutes, and was given to Killerhurtz on a crowd decision, knocking Nightmare to the losers bracket.

In 2016, both robots have evolved to exponential levels. As mentioned in our past article, BETA is looked at as the deadliest hammer-bot in BattleBot’s history. Despite the bad luck that this robot has suffered in past events (such as BattleBots 5.0 on Comedy Central and BattleBots 2015), this will be the first tournament the robot has been ready for.

Nightmare, after a 13 year hiatus from 2002 to 2015, came back last year with a new, stronger bowtie blade and reinforced wheel guards. This year the robot has been fully redesigned with a self righting system in hand as well.

In a modern match, BETA’s shape and magnetically held design might prove to be a hard one to flip, but if Nightmare’s able to get underneath it could be curtains for the hyped up hammer itself.

LockJaw v. Tombstone (Root Canal v. Tombstone, 2009 Pro Championship)

Here we have another battle of two Super Heavyweight powerhouse teams, along with their own Heavyweight roots as well. Hardcore Robotics, creator of Tombstone, is a one time Super HeavyWeight BattleBots champion, and a winner of the 2004 NPC Charity Open without losing a single fight.

Diesector, Mutant Robots’ Super Heavyweight bot, was a two-time BattleBots champion, winning the crown in Seasons 2.0 and 5.0 . Both teams also ran in the Heavyweight class. Mutant Robotics won the Heavyweight class once with Karcas 2 in the NPC Charity Open, but the team has more fame in general with Tazbot. This is similar to the fame Heavyweight robot Tombstone has brought to team Hardcore Robotics.

The two teams would meet in the Losers Final during the 2009 Pro Championship, en route to the Grand Final. Tombstone started off the bout disabling Root Canal’s jaws, but Root Canal was able to hold much control of the spinning bot for a part of the match. Tombstone would eventually lose it’s blade’s power midway through the fight, leaving Root Canal to hold control of the bout and win a judge’s decision, sending Root Canal to the Grand Final (where it would lose to the 2009 Pro Champion, Brutality).

But Tombstone is now even more stronger and reliable than ever, and has a destructive persona that has made it a household name across the nation.

A lot of the 2016 LockJaw’s abilities came from the success of Root Canal and the aforementioned Karcas 2, all the way to it’s green design. If LockJaw, which looks somewhat flimsy with it’s new flipper based system, can withstand the destructive power that Tombstone is known for then it might be able to take the blade to it’s limits for a win.

BRONCO v. Captain Shrederator (TORO v. Phrizbee Ultimate, BattleBots Season 5.0)

Despite what the gif might show, the legendary TORO did not win this fight.

Team LOGICOM and Inertia Labs both have long histories with their own successes in robot combat, both having their respective primes.

Inertia Labs flipper legacy started with TORO, a robot which needs little introduction, as the robot has been a star of the class since it’s mowing down of the Season 2.0 Super Heavyweight rumble where it knocked out all but two of the competing robots.

Team LOGICOM had some success in BattleBots from Season 3.0 to 5.0 with Super Heavyweight Phrizbee Ultimate and it’s Heavyweight doppelganger, Phrizbee. Most of their success came after BattleBots through, when the Robot Fighting League (RFL) was running strong and Shrederator was Team LOGICOM’s best Heavyweight.

The fight between TORO and Phrizbee was in the round of 32 of BattleBots 5.0, after Phrizbee Ultimate was able to defeat 3 other Super Heavyweights to match against the then defending Super Heavyweight champion, TORO, who had received a bye into the bracket. Unfortunately, TORO was very cautious to approach the full body spinner for a solid 80% of the match, backing itself into certain areas of the BattleBox to avoid potential major damage. This would prove to be it’s downfall as the one flip above would come in the last 10 seconds of the fight, and it would end with a 25-20 Judge’s Decision in favor of the upset winner, Phrizbee Ultimate.

In 2016, Captain Shrederator rocks a brand new motor system powering it’s weaponry, upgrading it’s very much out of date system we saw in the 2015 tournament.

BRONCO has upped itself to numerous styles of interchangeable defenses such as wheel guards and front guards, and the latest version packs 6 wheels and has a more powerful flipper than TORO ever did. Last season, we saw BRONCO pull the same keep-away strategy against Tombstone which had the same losing result we saw against Phrizbee Ultimate. If Inertia Labs can overcome its apparent kryptonite of horizontal spinners it might come through with the clutch flip it needs to ultimately win.

Disk O Inferno v. Ghost Raptor (Dr. Inferno Jr v. Gamma/Alpha Raptor, BattleBots 1.0, 3.0, & 5.0)

InfernoLab is a Lightweight powerhouse team locking horns with another team primarily known for Lightweight combat in a rivalry that seems to come around every other season. InfernoLab is fighting against Team Raptor, a team that has been to a number of deep bracket bouts with Dr. Inferno.

Two out of the three grudge matches between InfernoLab and Team Raptor have been Lightweight Championship match. All three bouts went to judge’s decision. The first match in Season 1.0 was dominated by the then named Alpha Raptor in a 8-1 contest. The next time they met, Dr. Inferno Jr. would get the win on a 26-19 decision. Their final match would be the very last lightweight bout on BattleBots Comedy Central Era. Their last bout was the 5.0 Lightweight finals, going down to a nail biter resulting in a 22-23 decision in favor of Dr. Inferno Jr. This puts their overall record against one another at 1-2 in favor of the Doctor.

The two teams are entering with two very different beasts in 2016. As mentioned in our last rematch article, Disk O Inferno is a 250lb version of InfernoLab’s 120lb Robogames entry from 2005. Ghost Raptor is built off Chuck Pitzer’s Robogames Heavyweight Ghost Raptor and has a new chance to use it’s reinforced shock resistance based design and a new titanium blade that won’t break on its first hit. This match will come down to which of the two robots can use their spinning weaponry and other weapon systems to best advantage.

Bombshell v. Overhaul 2.0 (Nyx v. UberClocker Advance, Numerous East Coast Events)

The casual BattleBots fan likely will not know about this matchup, but at numerous 30lb Sportsman Class events along the East Coast in the last 6 years, there’s been quite the rivalry brewing. Near Chaos Robotics, creator of Bombshell and Nyx, and Team Test Bot are two of the most dominant 30lb Sportsmans teams with their numerous entries into that weight class. Their highlights are Nyx and UberClocker Advance, respectively.

In events such as Motorama, Robot Battles at DragonCon, and NERC at the Franklin Institute these two teams, and specifically those two robots, have met in the battlebox. Nyx being the black lifter and UberClocker Advance being the white clampbot, similar to Complete Control. The two teams have exchanged numerous wins against each other in so many smaller events in the course of the rivalry, it’d be a challenge to calculate the exact win/loss record against one another in bouts.

Team Test Bot is known as Team Overhaul in BattleBots, while Near Chaos has collaborated with a number of other Georgia based teams to form The Chaos Corps, captained by the head of Near Chaos Robotics. Respectively, the teams compete with Overhaul 2.0 and Bombshell.

Both robots are practically 250lb representations of their impressive 30lb counterparts. Overhaul and UberClocker both run the lifting clamp design, designed with control in mind, through Overhaul is more designed for crushing purposes as well. Bombshell and Nyx are both Swiss army knife robots, both robots run on a similar drive body and can switch from numerous weapon designs.

If the Overhaul 2.0 and Bombshell meet in combat, it’ll be a fitting ultimate match for the biggest rivalry in the Eastern United States.

Warhead v. Photon Storm (Razer v. Tornado, Robot Wars Series 6)

Yes. It is that damn battle.

If you are a fan of robot combat, and follow the UK scene to even the slightest degree, you know about this matchup to decide the Robot Wars Series 6 champion. On one hand we have Tornado, the cocky team which is known for their multiple attachments, and dominant driving capabilities. On the other hand you have Razer, whom has practically been the posterboy of Robot Wars since his dominant Series 5 title, and at this point rode a 21 match winning streak.

The two robots would meet in the Series 6 Grand Final. Tornado would dominate the first half of the match, buckling in Razer’s crusher and slamming it multiple times into the wall. Razer would come back and get to the proper angle to attack Tornado’s body, lifting it over the pit, and would have pitted it, ending the match, if it wasn’t for Tornado’s large frame. Tornado would then go on to win the Series 6 title in a judge’s decision, sparking controversy that still gets argued about to this day.

No matter what side you take, you might just have that rematch you’ve always wanted. Competing in BattleBots 2016, Warhead is a product of Team Razer. Meanwhile, Photon Storm’s team is a collaboration with numerous UK All Star groups. In this crew are members of Team Storm, Team Chronic, and here most importantly: Team Tornado.

With Warhead rocking a modular dinosaur crusher/spinning mass setup for the 2016 Season, it is very possible that we could be seeing a switch of weaponry roles here, due to Photon Storm’s primary weapon being a crushing beak. Both teams feature driving talent in droves, so it will be interesting to see who can ultimately prevail.

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