This Week in Drone Racing: June 4 – June 10

This week in Drone Racing June 4 to June 10

This Week in Drone Racing
June 4 – June 10, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. VICE talks with Brian Morris to see if it’s possible to make a living from racing drones
  2. The less-popular-Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum race drones
  3. Hometown of Miami Dolphins owner (and DRL investor) considers drone legislation
  4. Fun this week: 3D printed nano drone wrist mount
  5. Friday Flight of the Week: Garage


1) Can Brian Morris Make a Living As a Pilot Yet?

To save you some time, the question is never asked or answered. That’s VICE for you. But Brain Drain (Brian Morris) does share his thoughts on what’s changed in the sport in the past year, if it is a sport, and how it should develop in the future.

“I think as a spectator sport, they need to go up—way up—probably four times the size they are right now to make them way more visible. Crashes need to be big, like Nascar crashes. You hit something—smoke, fire, parts exploding everywhere. If you want to make it a spectator sport, you’ve gotta give them something they want to watch.”

2) Hemsworth and Goldblum “race” drones

Maybe there should be quote marks around drones too. It’s not FPV and the speed is about the same as an old man enjoying a stroll, but Goldblum is wearing a leather jacket so it all evens out.

If you’re reading this article you’re definitely not the right audience for watching this video. But it’s here anyway.

3) Palm Springs, Home of DRL Investor Stephen Ross, Considers How to Deal with Drones

Privacy and public safety concerns are among the reasons the town has crafted a new ordinance governing drone usage within its borders. The ordinance is scheduled for a second reading Tuesday at Town Council.

Hopefully Stephen Ross can make sure drone racing is still able to find a home in Palm Springs. Even if it’s only in his Miami Dolphins stadium.

4) Fun This Week: 3D Printed Nano Drone Wrist Mount

Two little nano drones of her own decoration fit in the wrist mount. The belt buckle is also a controller.

What’s missing is a built-in charger or hidden space for extra batteries. There’s not much hidden space in general. Full album below.

3D printed a wrist mount for my nano-copters


5) Friday Flight of the Week

Jaisor FPV brings us underground parking lot racing. At midnight, apparently.


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