MultiGP Explains How to Qualify For Its 2016 Championship

MultiGP has released a video that explains how to qualify for its 2016 Drone Racing Championship, taking place at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana during Labor Day weekend.

An upbeat voice-over with peppy music introduces the MultiGP Championship as a race where “52 world-class pilots will compete, but only one will be crowned.” The narrator then tells you how to qualify, or qualify, or qualify…and one more way to qualify.

It’s an info dump that sounds confusing the first time you watch. As one commenter said, “If you watch this video only once and understand how to qualify. Then you are qualified. To qualify in the qualification.”

But it only sounds complicated because there are four ways to qualify. It’s like the opposite of qualifying for The Drone Racing League. Let’s break it down:

Method 1) Earn a spot at one of the Regional Finals near you by going to a Regional Qualifier and flying fast. If you win a Regional Final, bam, you’re in the Championship race.

Method 2) If you didn’t win, but you came close, you might earn one of 16 spots in the Championship race. All of the pilots across all Regional Finals are compared against each other. The 16 pilots with the highest number of laps across their three best rounds will get a spot. So even if you came in 6th place at your Regional Final you still might have a shot because the 2nd place pilot in another Region is bad.

Method 3) If you weren’t one of those , the next 60 can still qualify. These 60 will race against each other in Muncie, IN before the Championship race. The top 12 of this race will earn a spot in the big race.

Method 4) Did you miss a Regional Final completely? Or blow your drone up by accident? Don’t worry, there’s hope for you yet. Fly one of the MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks. If you hit a certain time, you can show up in Muncie, IN as part of another group of 60 pilots. Like the previous group of 60, you’ll compete in a separate race to earn one of 12 spots in the Championship Race.

After all that, I bet you could just show up in Muncie, IN with quad in hand and have some opportunity to qualify for the Championship Race.


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