Woman Steals a Drone and Pretends She Didn’t

Middle-aged busybody steals a drone, lies to the cops, and makes everyone’s day worse. What she didn’t know was the GoPro was recording everything.

SF PV was flying their quad in a park with a designated flight area for RC planes, including FPV drones. After the drone lost RSSI it dropped to the ground, the way it should. You can see the entire landing on the video.

The woman in the video walks up to the downed drone from at least “100ft” away. She picks it up and walks out of the park, hiding it in her shirt. She even spoke to other people about stealing the drone and sounded very proud of herself.

The woman called the police, asking for a park ranger, and told them that a group of 10 guys were flying “fast drones” and that the “drones were out of control.” She then lied about where the drone landed (“literally five feet from me and my dog”).

After the pilots track the signal of the drone to her she becomes loud and agitated, refusing to give back their property and physically threatening the pilots. This continues until the police arrive

The police were fantastic. They defused the situation, immediately gave the quad back to its owner, and listened to the pilot’s explanation.

“The goal of this video is to show that even though most FPV pilots practice safe and responsible flying, there will always be irrational people out there who will seek out conflict with drones and drone pilots.” said SF PV.

Unfortunately, the woman is a public figure. Her name and contact information are easily available. As ridiculous and infuriating as this event is, it’s important to not fan the flames of drama through insults, direct harassment, or talks of spinning up the quad to purposely harm people. That would only give the scared enemies of this sport the excuses they want to attack responsible pilots and make flying more difficult.

Keep being responsible. Keep flying safely. Be friendly and inviting to anyone who asks what you’re doing at the park.


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