Portugal Drone Race Teaming Up with Landing.jobs

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This weekend will see the Landing.jobs festival taking place at the marina in Lisbon and it has been announced that the Portugal Drone Race (PDR) will be hosting a drone racing showcase on Saturday afternoon.

PDR has put on its fair share of racing events already throughout the country, and below is some footage of a recent semi-final featuring pilot Henrique Antunes.

PDR is partnered with IDRA, and has amassed some impressive sponsors from the drone industry.

Landing.jobs got in touch with PDR as they aim to ensure that their events are always at the forefront of the latest cutting edge technology and, in 2016, that naturally means drone racing.

Portugal Drone Race is a relatively recent creation and consists of a small team led by founder Carlos Estevão.

JoseNunesPDRJosé Nunes, Marketing and Communications Manager of PDR (pictured) spoke to Third Law Sports about the aim of the company and its origins: “We want to create an ecosystem for pilots in Portugal so that they can be exposed to brands in a way they can increase their own potential internationally.”

He continued: “PDR is also aiming to be an events organiser; so far we’ve held two major events. The first was in Miranda do Corvo near Coimbra whilst the second and most recent was in Coruche, near Santarém. We experienced a good turnout for both audience wise and in terms of pilots we had close to 30 in the first event and almost 20 in Coruche.”

Third Law Sports will be covering the event on Saturday so check back next week for a write up and more in-depth coverage of the PDR story.

Team Portugal Drone Race


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