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6 Epic Rematches We Want to See in BattleBots 2016

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The second season of the revived BattleBots on ABC will have many competitors with a long history in robot fighting, and with each other. Grudge match anyone?

BattleBots 2016 is coming up very fast with it’s 2-hour season premiere airing June 23rd on ABC. And with the bracket expanding from 24 to 48, many old and new faces are now here in the new 2016 tournament. With the bracket doubling, we’re seeing new returns of many old faces which include Carnage Robotics (Techno Destructo), Inferno Lab (Dr. Inferno Jr), and a handful of other teams making the jump from the Comedy Central Era of BattleBots to the ABC Era.

With this in mind, there have been a multitude of past matchups from numerous events we can see rekindled during this new season of BattleBots.

Here are 6 rematches that we could possibly see on our screens this year.

1) Ultimo Destructo v. LockJaw (Techno Destructo v. Diesector, Battlebots Season 4.0)

Carnage Robotics and Mutant Robots were two of the Super HeavyWeight powerhouses of the Comedy Central Era with their robots Techno Destructo and Diesector, respectively. Because of this, it’s no surprise that Techno Destructo would meet Diesector at some point in a late bracket matchup, which would happen in the 4th season of BattleBots on Comedy Central, as the two would square off to see who would meet New Cruelty in the Semi-Finals.

The match started off strong in Techno Destructo’s favor, with a strong flip (as seen above) on the Season 2 Super HeavyWeight champion, and would continue pushing it around for the first 30 seconds of the fight. Diesector’s hammers were able to slightly even out how the match was going, doing subtle damage for the next minute of the match, slowly but surely getting control in it’s favor. With around 1 minute left in the bout, a motor blew out on Techno Destructo’s drive. This would make Techno Destructo a dead weight for the last 45 seconds of the fight, and leaving him to be counted out for the knockout with 11 seconds left in the match.

Looking to 2016, both teams are entering with truncated versions of their past combatants to fit the lighter weight requirements.

LockJaw is slightly modified from it’s 2015 guise, dropping the 6 wheel setup for a 4 wheel design, looking to be more traction based. Ultimo Destructo is practically a smaller Techno Destructo, but this time sporting a hammer attachment and a Tombstone-esque spinning bar attachment. One could only imagine though that Ultimo Destructo would be sticking with the bulkier flipping arm attachment seeing how it did in 2001 against Diesector.

2) Bronco vs. BETA (Rhino v. Killerhurtz, Long Beach 1999)

Next up is a matchup of the past that goes very far back to the very first BattleBots event: the 1999 Long Beach Tournament. This matchup featured the robots very different from the respective teams current entries. Killerhurtz, Team Hurtz’ axebot at the time, taking on Rhino, Inertia Labs’ then current pneumatic spike. Little is known about this match, with the image above being the only known footage of the fight, but Killerhurtz would beat Rhino by KO.

KillerHurtz’s weapon swinging legacy only grows stronger in 2016 with BETA, the deadliest hammer-robot in recorded Robot Combat history. But it has had a share of bad luck following it.

It attempted to fight in Battlebots Season 5.0 on Comedy Central but had to pull out due to potential arena damage, and then pulled out again in last year’s ABC Battlebots season due to electrical issues. BRONCO on the other hand we all know has had a very successful 2015 campaign, and with an overhauled design sporting six wheels, you have to wonder how it will do against the magnetically held down BETA.

3) SubZero v. Son of Whyachi (5 Different Times, 2004 NPC Charity Open)

Many know about Son of Whyachi, and Team Whyachi in general’s legacy in its numerous BattleBots competitions, but very few know about a team that almost parallels them in success due to most of their notoriety coming after the Comedy Central Era was already over. Team Hammertime had minor success in BattleBots with their Super HeavyWeight of the same name. Their bot name this year is SubZero.

While the two bots have never fought each other as their own names, the two teams would fight each other four times in the NPC Charity Open.

Team Whyachi came to the tournament with Middleweights Red Square and Falconizer, and Super HeavyWeight Nitro SOW. Team HammerTime would come to the event with Middleweight SubZero and Super HeavyWeight Bounty Hunter. Red Square and Sub Zero (Seen Above) would fight twice in the double elimination tournament, both with one win each on each other. Sub Zero though would beat Red Square twice, and then in the Super HeavyWeight bracket beat Nitro SOW once. Showing Team Hammertime’s dominance in the non-televised era, one they would show much dominance in.

Now in 2016 the two robots are sticking to their old roots but with much different machinery under the helm. The closest comparison to the two team’s past would be Bounty Hunter vs Nitro SOW, but Nitro SOW was one of the least reliable and powerful robots in the Whyachi Family. And after The Gears Awaken, we can see that this won’t be the case this year. SubZero itself will be taking on IceWave in the 1st round this year, so if it can get by the lethal spinner it can definitely pose a challenge to Son of Whyachi.

4) Disk O Inferno v. Mega Tentomushi (Dr. Inferno Jr v. Tentomushi 8.0, Battlebots Season 5.0)

Jason Dante Bardis and Lisa Winter, the head drivers of their respective teams InfernoLab and Robotic Action League are key faces in the Lightweight Division the same way Carnage and Mutant Robotics are of the Super HeavyWeight. Throughout all five major seasons of BattleBots in the Comedy Central Era, two robots graced the screen with more fanfare than other competitors in that class. That of course was two-time Lightweight Champion Dr. Inferno Jr and Robot Wars Series 3 Middleweight Co-Champion (Yes that actually happened) Tentomushi. The two robots who had quite iconic characters in BattleBots also had a very notable matchup in 2002.

This match was primarily a pushing and shoving match from the start, but midway through the bout Tentomushi 8.0 saw a strong offense come through, taking the former lightweight champ, Dr. Inferno Jr, over the killsaws and almost tipping it over. Despite this, the match would be controlled by Dr. Inferno Jr, who held a firm control over Tentomushi with it’s raw pushing power even when inside Tentomushi’s smotherer. The match ended with a stalemate of the two robots pinned upon each other and in a 26-19 decision.

Now in 2016 we have both teams entering 250lb versions of their past entries.

On one hand we see a direct sequel to the ever growing Tentomushi line with Mega Tentomushi, who has the biggest smotherer in the line, and now armed with a spinning drum within. The other hand we see Disk ‘O Inferno, a robot many may blow off as a Hypnodisc clone, but few know this is a direct sequel to InfernoLab’s 2005 Middleweight of the same name. Tentomushi is taking on a very destructive spinner in round 1 in Poison Arrow, so if the ladybug can get past that it should pose a deadly challenge to the less powerful Disk ‘O Inferno.

5) Tombstone v. Minotaur (Last Rites v. Touro Maximus, Robogames 2010 & 2016)

Hardcore Robotics and Riobotz both are two of the most prominent robots of the Non-Televised Era of robot combat. Their machines Last Rites and Touro Maximus respectively have won many major tournaments from 2003-2015, with two of the most recent being Touro Maximus winning back to back heavyweight majors in the 2014 STEM Tech Olympiad and the 2015 Robogames. The two robots’ success can only be rivaled in this era by Sewer Snake and Original Sin. Despite this though, the two deadly robots have met only twice.

Both robots have one win over one another.

And with the 2010 matchup of the two, Touro Maximus holds a very unique title of being one of the only robots to make the deadly Ray Billings tap out during a fight (as seen above). Both Touro Maximus and Last Rites two matches have also been very destructive and very short fights. Their 2010 matchup had Touro rush Last Rites in the opening seconds, taking 2 hard hits from Ray Billings’ deadly spinner before being able to slow it down and chisel at Last Rites until Hardcore Robotics would tap out. Their matchup at this year’s Robogames would start very similar with Touro looking strong, heavily damaging Last Rites blade, and taking out it’s left wheel drive. Unfortunately, Touro would break down mid fight for the KO.

Having fought earlier with robots very similar, but slightly lighter shows what we might see in BattleBots 2016. It’s expected by many that both Tombstone and Minotaur will be entering the Final 4, and with both robots having their own respective disappointing matchup at Robogames with an early loss, it’s hard to predict how the two teams may fare in a BattleBots matchup. Especially considering that Minotaur has a tough Round 1 against the most decorated team in the UK, and a robot we’re going to cover next, Photon Storm.

6) Photon Storm v. Stinger: The Killer Bee (Storm II v. Sewer Snake, RoboGames 2008)

If you were a fan of Robot Wars, then you will be very interested in Photon Storm’s team, The UK All Stars. This team is made out of members of Robot Wars Series 6 Champion Tornado, Robot Wars Series 7 Runner Up and Third World Champion Storm II, and two-time BRONEBOT Champion and winner of many Robots Live events, Chronic. Together this “SuperTeam” is entering with Photon Storm, a robot based off the body of successful crusher Tiberius 4. Stinger TKB is not too shabby in it’s own right. Sewer Snake, Stinger’s older but lighter 220lb brother holds the same level of success as Last Rites and Touro Maximus mentioned above, winning numerous heavyweight events. These two successful predecessors would fight at Robogames 2008.

The match would start very slow, as your typical pushing and shoving match until Sewer Snake would get a very strong flipping slam in on Storm 2 (As seen above). Storm 2 though was still armed with the lifting arm from Robot Wars Series 7 and would self right and the even draw of the two teams continued their even pushing & shoving match. Around the final minute of the match through Sewer Snake would take full control of the bout, flipping over Storm 2 twice in the end of the match, and slamming it hard into the wall for the close off. Sewer Snake would win the match via Judges Decision.

BattleBots 2016 has Photon Storm as one of big UK contenders alongside BETA and Cobalt.

Stinger TKB is practically unchanged from BattleBots 2015. If both teams can get past their major Round 1 opponents (Minotaur and Nightmare, respectively) or capture the wild card slots, then both can definitely make a late tournament run and possibly meet in the mid to late rounds of BattleBots 2016.

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