This Week in Drone Racing: May 21 – May 27

This week in drone racing May 21 to May 27

This Week in Drone Racing
May 21 – May 27, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. Maker Faire Bay Area celebrates drones in all their glory
  2. Betting on drone racing is in the air
  3. The practice rounds at the North American Cup – West are over and the big races start tomorrow
  4. Fun this week: Another look at Rotor Riot in Star Wars
  5. Friday Flight of the Week: Treestyle


1) Maker Faire Drones

The Aerial Sports League brought all the drones to the Bay Area for the Maker Faire 2016 in San Mateo. They had racing, drone combat, a drone design contest, and some other creative drone uses. This is the third year that ASL has been at Maker Faire. One of the coolest things to come out of the Faire was this 360-degree video taken at the darq track racing.

2) Betting on Drone Racing

Australia has banned betting on it, Europe’s bookies are waiting to see how the sport does first, and Americans can’t seem to bet on much anyway. But we all know it’s coming in some form. It may be sooner than you think.

3) The IDRA North American Cup – West Begins

Friday was the official start of the event. After delays at pilot registration the freestyling and practice rounds were settled. Tomorrow begins the team races and the qualifying rounds for the main races.

Once again, good luck to the pilots out there.

Unfortunately for DR1 Racing, their usual show on Twitch, ‘Drone Tech with Bapu’, failed to get off the ground. Bapu was out at Tempe, Arizona for the race instead of in the DR1 studios. They couldn’t get the microphone situation worked out, so it was 2 minute of double echos before they shut it down. There’s always next week.

4) Fun This Week

Another look at Rotor Riot and Corridor Digital’s Star Wars video, because it deserves more than one. Watch the making of video if you haven’t already.

5) Friday Flight of the Week

Pilot Larry Davis has some nostalgia flying in a forest with no ground cover.


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