10 Fantastic Drone Moments at Maker Faire

Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 End of Maker Faire
credit: @pamadak

The Aerial Sports League brought drone racing, combat, and design to the massively popular celebration of tech, innovation, and creativity in San Mateo last weekend


10) This drone cage fight


9) Hearing the reactions of the crowd following along through FPV


8) This long exposure photo of the racing


7) Seeing people still use “amazeballs” unironically


6) Finding out the federal government (Department of Energy) loves drone racing


5) Experiencing the thrill of the race from the crowd perspective


4) Discovering new ways to make drones awesome to play with


3) This combination of fashion runway and drone racing


2) The very final heat of racing at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016


1) Celebrating the five pilots who are going to Drone Nationals


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