Rotor Riot Battle With an X-Wing and TIE Fighter

Chad and Mr. Steele from Rotor Riot battle it out in the skies of California with an X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

Star Wars and drones will never get old. First is the iconic pod racing in the forest, and now it’s a dogfight between R2D2 piloting an X-Wing and an old nemesis with his TIE fighter crew. R2 takes out one fighter with a bridge, blasts another over the valley, and brings the final boss down with a well placed shot in the forest.

The Rotor Riot crew were the real pilots of course. They flew out to Los Angeles for a week to record the base in-flight footage for Corridor Digital, which is a impressive YouTube channel that specializes in special effects short films. Here’s the Rotor Riot behind the scenes:

As Sam Gorski, the director said:

“Things are turning out so much better than I could have ever expected. Chad and Steele are so much better pilots than I could have imagined. They are really cool and really impressive.”

But it was the special effects that took this to a whole other level. Corridor crew used 3D printed cockpit models, digital tracking software, and other techniques to turn two drones chasing each other around into a Star Wars aerial battle. Here’s how they did it.

Right now the main video is up to 180k views. This is going to sell a ton of drones.


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