This Week in Drone Racing: May 7 – May 13

This week in drone racing May 7 to May 13

This Week in Drone Racing
May 7 – May 13, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. DR1 Racing flies onto the scene
  2. World Drone Prix prize money
  3. International Drone Day created great press for drone racing
  4. Announcement of D1 Asia Cup 2016
  5. Fun this week: Drone racing is for hooligans!
  6. Friday Flight of the Week: An inverted horizon


1) DR1 Racing Lands Mountain Dew as Sponsor

DR1 Racing (spelled out, that’s DRone Racing), was the biggest news this week. They worked incognito for a very long time to build up a plan to produce their own racing league, livestream content, and secure a mainstream sponsor. The biggest question the drone racing community had when they came into the spotlight was: Who are these guys?

That’s a question still being answered. For now, DR1’s biggest contribution to the sport is their Twitch stream. They have Rotor Riot, ZoeFPV, and Bapu making regular appearances, and other notable racing names (like Team Big Whoop) making occasional appearances to talk all things quad.

2) World Drone Prix Prize Money

Fortunately, this article is already out of date. Some pilots have now received money, others are still waiting. It’s likely there won’t be another story like this for the rest of 2016. The 2016 Drone Nationals have promised to deliver prizes right away.

“All prizes, including any cash awards, will be presented to the winners while on the podium or in their winner packets to take home. It marks a very exciting and satisfying sense of accomplishment for both pilots and organizers.” – Scot Refsland of RotorSports

3) Racing Stories from International Drone Day

There were tons of drone racing stories that spawned from IDD. Most included a bit about drone racing. Here’s one about drone racing in Tampa Bay. The Midwest had a “Battle”. And Alaska had a bit of racing presence. Just a side note, NASCAR is having a race in Alaska and this is their view:

You can find more by searching #IDD16. Looking forward to #IDD17.

4) Announcement of D1 Asia Cup 2016

Not to be confused with DR1, D1 has been a core part of the Korean/East Asian racing scene. They were a team at the World Drone Prix. Now they’ve organized with other groups into the Asia Drone Racing Organization. Right now the member countries are Korea, China, and Japan, but the organization is open to all countries in the region.

5) Fun This Week

It’s official, drone racing is for hooligans. In an article from Australia, neighbors complain about an abandoned factory being taken over by “drone racing, rave parties, suspicious fires and unsightly graffiti.” You have to admit though, that does look like a great place to fly.

Any Australians want to admit they’ve flown here?

Abandoned factory in Australia

5) Friday Flight of the Week

Some beautiful inverted flight at 0:15, and throughout.



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