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BattleBots Season 2 Super Teaser: It’s Robot Fighting Time

The new trailer for BattleBots Season 2 has everybody excited. A special preview episode, titled The Gears Awaken, airs tonight (May 10) at 10/9c

BattleBots is starting its season off with a bang. And some whacks, smashes, buzzes, and even some flames from the sky. Skip to 23 seconds in for some drone napalm action.

The new trailer features more robots than what was previously shown. Some are back from last season with even more epic designs. Others are new, but have been teased on social media for the past month since the taping of the show. The competitors themselves have also kicked it up another notch with the outfits.

Glimpses of the matchups show some grudge matches fans were hoping for. One possible fight we’ll see tonight is a threeway between Bite Force vs. Wrecks vs. Witch Doctor. Three veteran bots, one fantastic fight.

In addition to grudge matches and new robots, ESPN’s Samantha Ponder will be the host and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg will take a spot as a guest judge.


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