This Week in Drone Racing: April 30 – May 6

This week in drone racing April 30 to May 6

This Week in Drone Racing
April 30 – May 6, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. Mega Drone X – Why it was such an interesting event
  2. Orlando Rotoracers get featured in a local spot
  3. International Drone Day happens tomorrow
  4. Fun this week: How micros are created
  5. Friday Flight of the Week: Photo finish


1) Why Everyone’s Talking About Mega Drone X

The big story this week was the success of Mega Drone X in Kentucky. Last week’s “This Week in…” had a reminder, so don’t blame us if you missed it. But you can still read all about it at least.

Course Map Mega Drone X 2016

2) Orlando Rotoracers Featured in Local News

This is a great video for a few reasons. They learned enough to call it a quad, they made it easy for viewers to get involved, and no annoying ads on the page. But wait, there’s more! Special web footage from Nelson Aquino of Gravity Goons.

The Rotoracers are a MultiGP chapter who’re having their next scheduled event on May 29, 2016. More information. 

3) International Drone Day is Tomorrow

For the second annual IDD, 150+ events celebrating drones will take place tomorrow around the world, even around Washington, D.C.. Find a group near you to participate and get your thumbs ready to flood #IDD16 all day on social media.

Embrace the drone.

4) Fun This Week

How micros are created – via /u/mmichaeljjjfoxxx 

View post on imgur.com

5) Friday Flight of the Week

Head to head pilots both mess up the last gate – but one recovers a little bit faster.



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