Your Girlfriend Might Actually Like This Drone Racing Video

Sorell ‘Zero’ Miller is declared by DRL as the “next big thing in drone racing”. Maybe. But the father and son team of Furadi and Zero is definitely a big thing with women.

We showed this DRL video to the small group of women we could actually convince to watch some drone racing. Which we did by not telling them what it was about and by having free wine. The reactions can be summed up with this gif:

Zero by himself got a lot of comments about how adorable he was (or just “Aww”). Furadi being the proud father tugged at the heartstrings even more. Everyone made it through the 4 minutes and 13 seconds without any sign of boredom. It helped that they were hooked from the beginning – the scene from 18 to 30 seconds was the favorite part.

The group wanted to watch the other pilot interviews (“Can we see the other guys?”). Interest faded… No offense to the DRL pilots. We switched to the video of Furadi and Zero flying through the garage (see below). Knowing it was those two flying helped the group enjoy the whole 3 minutes (“Woah, they’re so close!”).

We started to watch the actual DRL Level 1 races and the group eventually fell apart. Phone calls, texts, getting more wine. The usual suspects of distraction. But it was a good first step.

So show the DRL video to your girlfriend, wife, or mother (no judgement), and maybe she’ll join you next time for 18+ hours of livestreamed drone racing from a cave. Baby steps.



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