This Week in Drone Racing: April 23 – April 29

This week in drone racing April 23 to April 29

This Week in Drone Racing
April 23 – April 29, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. MultiGP: “We don’t need a superstar [of drone racing]”
  2. Racing to be the City of Drone Racing
  3. Tons of local news – go tell your local paper and get interviewed
  4. And another DRL L.A.Pocalypse teaser. Featuring: “Batcam”
  5. Don’t forget about Mega Drone X tomorrow
  6. Fun this week: More LEGO Drone
  7. Friday Flight of the Week: Mattystuntz freestyle around a portapotty


1) Interview with Chris Thomas, Founder of MultiGP

Except for Shaun Taylor who, according to Chris Thomas, is already a superstar, the sport isn’t ready for a Michael Jordan or a Cristiano Ronaldo. But don’t let that stop you from becoming one in two or three years.

Shaun 'Nytfury' Taylor, two-time champion of XDC. Photo Credit: XDC

Shaun ‘Nytfury’ Taylor, two-time champion of XDC. Photo Credit: XDC

2) Racing to Be the City of Drone Racing

Inc.com urges the City of Angels (Los Angeles) to welcome drone racing to its skies. Las Vegas and Dubai have a strong claim to being the friendliest for drone racing for races they’ve hosted. San Francisco has a shot based on the companies founded there. And purely for the number of pilots, readers from Sydney, Hong Kong, and Moscow will get mad at me if I don’t include their cities in this list.

3) Tons of Local News

Local news outlets have caught on that drone racing is happening near them. And instead of thinking of the children, they’re celebrating. Want to be known in your town as more than ‘That Guy Who Stands In a Field All Day”? Contact your hometown paper and tell them about your racing group. Don’t have one? Go read about MultiGP again.

4) Another DRL – L.A.Pocalypse Teaser 

We previously learned pilots had shirts with their names on it. Now we’re seeing the “Batcam” in action. It’s a camera on a cable that can go 100MPH around the course to track the drones in action. We also get random shots of Jurassic dinosaurs and Iron Man suit parts because Legacy FX, who helped create the setting of L.A.Pocalypse, worked on those movies. Not bad.

5) Mega Drone X Starts Tomorrow

Taking place deep in the caverns of Louisville, Kentucky, this race will be truly unique. Many technical challenges to overcome. Organized by Derbycity Drone Racing and FPVRacing Events. Livestreaming starts at 9:30AM, provided by FPVLive. 


6) Fun This Week

LEGO drone in action. This was custom built and not 100% LEGO, but you can get started with an easier to build LEGO drone through Flybrix.

7) Friday Flight of the Week

Mattystuntz. Portapotty starts at 1:18 if you were actually hoping to see one.



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