This Week in Drone Racing: April 2 – April 8

This week in drone racing April 2 to April 8

This Week in Drone Racing
April 2 – April 8, 2016

Top stories, videos, and flights that may have landed through the cracks.

  1. A Drone Worlds introduction to Oahu, Hawaii
  2. IDRA & RotorSports merger
  3. 60 Minutes Sports piece on drone racing
  4. Latest peek at DRL Level 2
  5. Fun this week: Awesome Launch
  6. Friday Flight of the Week (PSA Week: Don’t go on the track)


1) A Drone Worlds Introduction to Oahu, Hawaii

Includes information for pilots about travel, accommodations, local-approved stuff to do, and legality of RC flying.

I know hotels and stuff need to be booked ahead of time so I wanted to get this out early for anyone looking at tickets already and making plans.

2) IDRA & RotorSports Merger

IDRA has the rankings, RotorSports has the great videos (and they produced Drone Worlds 2015).

IDRA and Rotor Sports Merge Announcement

3) 60 Minutes Sports talks about drone racing

With special guest star: Mr. Steele’s mustache

Across the country, a new kind of competition is becoming popular. 60 Minutes Sports got an up close look at the phenomenon that is known as drone racing.

Available on demand on Showtime

Preview Video

4) Latest sneak peek of DRL Level 2

In an abandoned shopping mall in the ruins of Los Angeles comes a little behind-the-scenes glimpses of Level 2 of the Drone Racing League. Level 2 has a lot more random obstacles as part of the track .Pilots also have a shirt with their name on it.

Turn off sound to avoid the “First drone racing ever!” gibberish that mainstream sites always include.

5) Fun this week

Great light, great launch, great Latvia.


6) Friday Flight of the Week (PSA Week)


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