IDRA & RotorSports Announce Merger

IDRA and Rotor Sports Merge Announcement

In a joint press release the two companies have announced they’ve joined forces that “simplifies the playing field” of drone racing.

The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) is well known for their events with high-production value, including being a key partner for the World Drone Prix 2016. They also maintain pilot rankings for placing in race events across different leagues and continents.

RotorSports has been behind the production of pivotal events, including the 2015 National Drone Racing Championships, and production of an FPV show that’s become an audience favorite, FPV Paradise. 

Together the companies will continue under the IDRA brand for events. This means pilots will get their event info from IDRA (and complain about them when something goes wrong).

RotorSports will be the “worldwide destination for all drone sports entertainment.” Broadcasts, video, and other media from IDRA events will come from them (or will only be shown on weird channels you don’t follow because of content distribution agreements).

For the new company, under IDRA, the flagship events will be the 2016 U.S. National Drone Racing Championships, 2016 World Drone Racing Championships, 2016 North American Cup and other Continental Cups, and the 2017 Drone World Cup.

For pilots and fans this is a good announcement. The very fragmented landscape of drone racing is slightly less fragmented now. How the flagship events perform later this year will determine if the merger was for the best.

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