The Racing Car of the Future

Roborace concept car

Roborace has unveiled the design of its custom-made, AI driven electric car. And it’s definitely a design from the future.

With a neon green and black coloring, a sleek body, and an aerodynamic head reminiscent of a hammerhead shark, this car is looking to stand out. The racing machine looks to be covered in sensors to help the on-board AI calculate the tiny adjustments needed to dominate its race.

And what is this race? Roborace will be the first car race without human drivers. As an offshoot of Formula E, a class that only uses electric cars, it promises autonomous car racing in the style of Formula 1. The best cars will be those with the best artificial intelligence programmed by a team of computer scientist. Programmers are the new coaches.

The designer of the car is Daniel Simon. He’s the same man who designed the light cycles in Tron:Legacy plus the drones and ships in Oblivion. In a press statement Simon said his goal was “to create a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty,” and that he brainstormed with racing engineers and aerodynamicists to achieve the balance. “Beauty was very high on our agenda,” he said, but so was performance. The vehicle will go 185 miles per hour (300 kilometers).


Oblivion drone design

Details have yet to be released about format of Roborace. In a November announcement last year, the format was teased as a 10-team, 20-car races. This could easily change as more technical complications are discovered. We can assume the logistics will be similar to the parent class, Formula E, because Roborace is using the same tracks, on the same day, for its races in countries across the world. Race cities include Moscow, Russia; London, UK; Long Beach, California.

Roborace will have its first race late this year or early in 2017. For now, all we have is their promotional video.


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