World Drone Prix Video Promo is Ridiculous

World Drone Prix video takes the drone racing marketing game to a new level.

The new World Drone Prix video opens with a shot of the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. A McLaren, one of the world’s highest performing high-performance racing automotives, sneaks onto the screen from behind a dune. Suddenly, a drone appears and challenges the car to a drag race.

What starts as a confusing car commercial turns into a split-screen video game sequence. Achievements flash onto the screen as the car and equally fast drone drive through LED lit gates on empty highways. One achievement is for the Burj Al Arab, a luxurious hotel on a man-made island. In a beautiful nighttime cinematic sequence we see the drone fly up the side of the building and pass through a blue gate on the top. Only in Dubai.

The McLaren featured in the video has the World Drone Prix (WDP) logo on it, plus it’s marked as a police car. The Dubai police does count multiple McLarens as part of its fleet, along with other supercars seen at the end of the video. This is to keep up with the thousands of fast cars Dubai residents themselves own. It’s not immediately clear whether the WDP is sponsoring a police car, if the police are sponsoring WDP, or if the police just loaned a few cars out for a video shoot.

Whatever the situation, it’s clear someone is taking this drone racing event very seriously. The video elevates the sport by putting a racing drone right up there with a Formula 1 machine recognizable around the world. The drone racing leagues in the United States and other countries will need to step up their efforts, and the money, to meet the level of global hype being generated here.

The new World Drone Prix video is to promote the competition on March 11 and March 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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