Drone Racing League Level 1: Miami Lights – Semi-Finals Recap

The Drone Racing League (DRL) semi-finals in Miami was released today. What we saw was a disappointing performance by many of the competitors.

Out of 3 heats each, 5 pilots were unable to complete a single heat. 2 of those 5 couldn’t get past a single checkpoint. In last week’s qualifying races the same pilots, with the exception of FlyingBear, all managed to get to the end of the course at least once.

What was the reason for the poor drone racing today? It could be the pressure of competing in a smaller field that’s about to be cut in half. And while the qualifiers and semi-finals videos were released a week apart, the filming was only done over two days. A rigorous schedule might have prevented the pilots from getting the rest they needed.

One pilot on Reddit noted he was flying with another pilot’s settings, affecting how the drone responds to tiny joystick movements.

Whatever the reason, three pilots remained unaffected. RekRek and Zoomas continued their domination. This time Zoomas took the top spot by almost doubling his performance from the qualifying races. FlyingBear redeemed himself from his last race by being one of the three pilots with a successful heat.

The racing order today:

Race 1
FPVProvo from Utah, USA in Orange
M0ke from California, USA in Red
Rekrek from New South Wales, Australia in Blue
Zoomas from New York, USA in Purple


Zoomas slows down to take the helix safely. M0ke catches up, pulls ahead, and…

Rekrek has to correct his course into the tunnel, giving M0ke an opportunity.

Race 2
FlyingBear from California, USA in Orange
Furadi from Idaho, USA in Blue
Hazak from Idaho, USA in Purple
Rafa from Sao Paulo, Brazil in Red


FlyingBear is almost taken out in the final heat, and from the finals, by the shrapnel from Rafa’s crash.

Hazak over-corrected coming into the tunnel and plows into the concrete.

At the end of the day the leaderboard looked like this:
drone racing league semi-finals final result

The finals will available on March 9th. We expect very tight drone racing competition from these top 4 world-class pilots.


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