‘Airmageddon’ is a Drone Combat Show… for Kids

Flying below the radar recently is ‘Airmageddon’, a drone combat show airing this weekend on CBBC in the UK.

The show promises “precision flying, airborne battles and spectacular crashes.” Exciting, right? Unfortunately for the non-European Third Law audience, the CBBC was originally the ‘Children’s BBC’. Think Disney Channel.

The creator of ‘Airmageddon’ is Steve Carsey. You may know him as the producer of the original ‘Robot Wars’ (which is coming back for more episodes). Carsey believes the show has great potential, saying “I think drones are a universal phenomenon and this show will work all over the world.”

The competitors are aged 9-14 and will fly their customized quadcopters via radio control, without using FPV goggles. Pilots and their helpers sit in the middle of the Airena in the “crow’s nest” to fly their vehicles in a variety of elimination skill tests. The ultimate competition will be a Dogfight with the show’s resident drones – the Wasp, the Dragon, and the Pig.

Airmageddon CBBC Wasp Drone

Pictured: The Wasp

Carsey hopes to add even more to the future: “There are all sorts of things coming down the line in terms of cameras and GPS technology, which will allow us to be more ambitious and braver with the kind of games and the challenges we have created. Fingers crossed that we end up recording more shows.”

It’s great news there’ll be television broadcast drone flying and combat. The bad news is it’s likely to be watered down, slightly boring drone flying and combat. Still, we hope ‘Airmageddon’ achieves fantastic success and inspires countless children to start flying.

The first series will air from February 20th to 26th with Will Best and Rachel Stringer hosting.


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