9 Amazing Drone FPV GIFs of 2015

Photo: Ed Schipul @ Flickr

This is where I say 2015’s been a great year for drone pilots and fans. Well, it has. The popularity of FPV racing, freestyling, and other forms of drone flying has grown enormously. The technology behind quadcopters and FPV goggles are in a great place. The price of participating in the sport is within almost anyone’s reach. And 2016 will just be a flood of Star Wars themed drone videos.

Most importantly, it’s enormously friendly groups of flyers around the world that have really boosted the popularity. Without them none of these gifs would be possible.

9) Holiday Cheer

Here’s a way to enjoy the snowy Christmas lights without needing to be in the cold. Mysterious Youtuber DroneKraft has some nice spin moves.

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8) Beautiful FPV Racing

This is literally awesome. Two guys at Aerial GP flew at Trona Pinnacles, in the deserts of California, and showcased their skills and the landscape in a nice splitscreen video. I expect a lot more drone flying to happen here in 2016.

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7) This is Drone Racing

This is actually a gif of drone racing. It comes from an Australian mini-documentary on drone racing called This is Drone Racing. The mini-doc captured both fantastic racing footage from an indoor course and great insight into why people are so fanatic about the sport.

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6) This is Drone Crashing

When flying FPV it’s hard to know you’re rotor to rotor with another drone until you’re spinning out of control. That Drone Show went all out putting together this footage from the Road to the California Cup.

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5) Forest Freestyle

FPV flying is actually really hard. Youtuber mattystuntz makes it look easy and shares his imitation of being a confused bird in Canada.

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4) Russian FPV Racing

FPV drone flying has found a nice home in Russia. This gif comes from an underground drone racing championship in Moscow. Which sounds really badass. I imagine this is what Russian dashcam footage would look like if flying cars were a thing.

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3) Balloon Pop Contest

This is a simple but wildly entertaining game. One drone trails a balloon behind it, the rest try to pop it with their sharp little rotor blades. Mach One at FPV Addiction (fpvaddiction.com) captured all the action at this event with a refereeing camera drone.

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2) Drone Dogfight

Coming in at number 2, I’m ridiculously excited to see another evolution in drones toward aerial combat sports. Highlighted here is the ‘Blast’ quadcopter, designed by Andy Shen in New York, shooting plastic discs at the poor drone in front. Front drone needs a banana peel.

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1) Urban Exploration

The best gif of 2015 is brought to us by Charpu, one of the most popular flyers. The magical moment of bursting out into the sunlight is why so many people get into FPV flying.

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Third Law Sports is looking forward to even more fantastic highlights in 2016.


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