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4 Great Robot Fights of 2015

Photo: Ariel Waldman @ Flickr
Credit: Ariel Waldman @ Flickr

2015 was a bit like going back in time: BattleBots is on the air, the U.S. thinks it can do robots better than Japan, and Transformers are a popular Christmas present.

Taking place below the headlines are fantastic robot fights, powered by competitors who’ve been dueling for decades.  I want to make sure even the littlest beetle-bot knows its gladiatorial sacrifice has been fully enjoyed.

Honorable Mention

An honorable mention goes to this arena referee bot trying to get out of the way of the dueling heavyweights. The glowing deathbot eyes somehow manage to look awkward.

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4) A Flying Robot

A robot gladiator briefly becomes a drone in this 3-way deathmatch. Pits of doom are always a crowd favorite feature of robot fighting arenas. This particular pit was used in a qualifying round of the 2015 FRA Featherweight World Championships in the UK.

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3) Gladiator Free For All

A fine collection of wedges, spinners, flippers, and crushers crowded into a tiny arena to prove that a bunch of robots fighting in a tiny arena is awesome.

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2) Flatulence v. Eggbeater

Two mini-bots compete in the Grand Final for the title of Stupidest Robot Name. Kinematic Events brought us this little bot battle at the 2015 Iron Games in Scotland. In the complete video Flatulence dumps his prey into the pit of doom – see below.

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1) Fire & Ice

For the very best of robot fights in 2015 we have a flamethrower from this year’s RoboGames. Flames may not be very useful in the arena, but they sure do look fantastic. Let’s thanks Team Velocity for making their GoPro fireproof.

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Third Law Sports is looking forward to even better highlights in 2016.


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