Dubai to Host World Drone Prix

Photo: the_dead_pixel @Flickr

Dubai has announced it will be hosting World Drone Prix with prizes worth $1,000,000 USD.

The Dubai series will be overseen by the World Organization of Racing Drones (WORD). This is intended to be the biggest drone racing series in the world, pushing pilots to their limits and attracting more attention to the sport.

Additional details:

On December 20 the code of conduct and standard of drone racing around the world and the rules and regulations of racing in this World Drone Prix will be set. January 4 will be start of qualifiers which will be held in every major continent and the cities that have a great drone racing community. March 9 will pre- race for qualifying teams who will be flown into Dubai. March 10 will be the grand opening before Race Day on March 11, said promising the biggest and hopefully the best drone race the world has ever seen.

via emirates247

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